Principles of Succeeding With Carl Freer

Your level of success in whatever business you are running is simply a function of the kind of experience you have about that business. In other words, your success can be defined by how experienced you are in a particular business. The more experienced you are the more you are bound to succeed in that line of business. Taking a very close look at how someone like Carl Freer made it in business, is something that is going to benefit any starting business owner. Having his business life put under the microscope is all you need to take your business to the very next level. Studying Carl Freer, Sweden Businessman Entrepreneur, Director of Gizmondo on Issuu will be a good place to start from.

Principles of Succeeding With Carl Freer

Carl Freer – How He Has Managed His Successes

Comparing the success stories of this man, wants to make you think he is nothing but a superhuman. However, this is not true because he is someone who has made some mistakes in his lifetime as an entrepreneur. As a matter of fact, some of those mistakes were very costly. This is why looking at how Carl Freer was able to manage his successes is certainly going to help anyone who is starting out in any business field.

There is a usual saying that “Learning from experience is the best”. It is not just the only way to succeed in business, but it is also a rule that will help you succeed in life. In other words, you can really save yourself all the headache if you learn from those who have seen it all in business. That way, you can avoid some of the mistakes that came their way. Check the online search engines and look out for Carl Freer – Business Development principles, and you will be very glad you did.


Carl Freer – Insatiable Quest for Success

Comparing Carl Freer to most businessmen will be making him look like an extra-ordinary human being. This is actually far from the truth. He is just a man who enjoys associating himself with great success. He is purely driven by his quest for success. His experience is what has helped most tech startups achieve their desired objectives. It must have been challenging for him at some point in time, but his unending quest for success is what made all the difference in this regards. As a businessman there are tons of useful information you are going to come across when you have a look at Carl Freer – Swedish Businessman video on YouTube.

Carl Freer

Mostly Associated with Tech-driven Solutions

He is someone who is a chronic believer of intellectual property. He has a knack for breaking the boundaries of disruptive technologies. Just in case you are still unclear on the subject, you can take a deep dive into his exploits with companies like Tiger Telematics, Aluminaid, iQNET etc. his business ventures always puts him ahead of the others in his niche. The above mentioned companies do not only have a voice in their niches, but they equally dominated their niches for a great deal of time.

A detailed look into the above mentioned companies and their worth in terms of market capital will actually give you an insight into how effective Carl Freer was, and still is as an executive. There are actually one million and one things you could learn from this individual, regarding how he blazed his way to success with technology based ideas. If you are having a similar vision then you need to take your time, and do a thorough study of this man. You will also find more useful information on this when you go through Carl Freer account on


Carl Freer – Leading a Paradigm Shift Through Technology

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg are well-renowned names who changed the IT world and its applications in our everyday lives. While the world has witnessed a significant revolution in the field of Information Technology, some of the recommended treatments in the medical industry need a definite improvement like in burn cases. However, we have started to witness a profound innovation through Aluminaid, a leading medical industry situated in Singapore which provides instant relief to the burn cases of first and second degree. So powerful, that its pulsating jet of cold air brings immense relief within seconds if not minutes.

Utilizing the thermal properties of Aluminum, the metal band aid has proved to be extremely effective. The revolutionary technology has got itself patented by Carl Freer, the man behind such exemplary humanitarian vision.

Aluminaid is not the only significant achievement in Carl Freer’s portfolio. He has been a ruthless acquirer of many intellectual properties (for providing humanitarian services) and has served millions of children through his philanthropic services like the Freer Family Foundation. A passionate human being to the core, his philosophies and work ethic has helped to transform the world through the technologies of mobile and gaming.

Suffering a massive colossal of Tiger Telematics (the parent company of Gizmondo), he never lowered his expectations for delivering the technological revolutions and has since then acquired a plethora of intellectual property rights in various fields. However, instead of flaunting his wealth and arm twisting the influential fields like the other powerful figures, he opted to give away a considerable portion of his wealth to the poor masses and therefore is highly appreciated for his philanthropic activities.

His help to the needy is not confined to certain geographical areas and Cambodia is the perfect example of it. For more information about his business tactics, you can check Carl Freer – Swedish Businessman video on YouTube.

Carl Freer – Revolutionary Technologies for Aiding the Humanity

Removal of the perception barrier is a task that only a few can dare of. Humans have always confined the technological limits for the aid of Humanity. But not Carl Freer. Significantly known as the leading forefront of technological advancements, he is the epitome of innovation for humanity. Although Carl Freer – Business Development tactics has been criticized from a lot of influential people yet his intuitive marketing
tactics have always rewarded him.

Venture with Tiger Telematics

Founded in 2002, the company gained significant eyeballs for their handheld gaming console, Gizmondo. The company did sustain itself for a considerable period of time before eventually spiraling towards its closure in 2006. The company did witness a tremendous boost in its marking cap in the initial run.


The biggest technological revolution in the medical field, Aluminaid has done the unimaginable. Its groundbreaking technology has allowed for instant relief from the first and second-degree burns. The technology uses Aluminum as it’s thermal conductivity is vastly superior. The metal bandages of Aluminium extracts heat from the wounds and provide instant cooling of burn tissue which results in relief. The company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Singapore. You can get to know more about Aluminaid through Carl Freer official account on Twitter.


The GetFugu allows the mobile user to search without the need to type. Its technology is based on “See It,” “Say It” and “Find It”. The technology is expected to bloom in a couple of years from now. With massive funds now being received from the big players, GetFugu is accelerating its vision at a faster rate than ever before.


Apart from utilizing his intellectual prowess, he has been providing a significant aid to the poor masses. Most of his foundations are geared towards the betterment of children. A plethora of educational and medical institutes are providing their humanitarian services under the leadership of Carl Freer.

With a career spanning over 30 years, Carl Freer is gearing towards breathtaking technologies which will completely overhaul the healthcare system in the world. Aluminaid has already left its footmark in the burn treatments with more effective treatments to be provided in future.

Carl Freer – A Business Genius

One can only take a look at Carl Freer achievements and ask, how he managed to attain such feats in his early days. This is a man who can be rightly considered as a pace setter. He blazes the trail for others to follow. While some are very quick to discredit the man and his achievements, the facts are still there for anyone who care to examine that this man has enjoyed some good success in the field of business. Another way of putting it is that, not too many people understand what he understands about thriving in business.

You are about to be exposed to the true business architecture of a genius. Find out the impeccable status of his business empire. This post will be aimed at showing you why you may need to adopt Carl Freer – Business Development techniques while trying to start yours.

His Ideology

This individual has made a name for himself with his unrivalled motivational and renowned entrepreneurship skills. His wealth of experience cannot be taken for granted if you want to be successful as a business person. Carl Freer is also someone who has crossed borders of various countries just for the main purpose of executing a business plan. He is a man who is always associated with the never give up syndrome. Failing to give up is what has helped him to maintain his international status as a businessman and a successful motivator.

He has become a household name across Europe, Asia and the United States. It is always normal for the survival of your business to be threatened by certain unfavorable factors, but what is not normal is when you throw in towel without a fight. He believes in the fact that as humans we are only limited by our imaginations.