Carl Freer – Leading a Paradigm Shift Through Technology

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg are well-renowned names who changed the IT world and its applications in our everyday lives. While the world has witnessed a significant revolution in the field of Information Technology, some of the recommended treatments in the medical industry need a definite improvement like in burn cases. However, we have started to witness a profound innovation through Aluminaid, a leading medical industry situated in Singapore which provides instant relief to the burn cases of first and second degree. So powerful, that its pulsating jet of cold air brings immense relief within seconds if not minutes.

Utilizing the thermal properties of Aluminum, the metal band aid has proved to be extremely effective. The revolutionary technology has got itself patented by Carl Freer, the man behind such exemplary humanitarian vision.

Aluminaid is not the only significant achievement in Carl Freer’s portfolio. He has been a ruthless acquirer of many intellectual properties (for providing humanitarian services) and has served millions of children through his philanthropic services like the Freer Family Foundation. A passionate human being to the core, his philosophies and work ethic has helped to transform the world through the technologies of mobile and gaming.

Suffering a massive colossal of Tiger Telematics (the parent company of Gizmondo), he never lowered his expectations for delivering the technological revolutions and has since then acquired a plethora of intellectual property rights in various fields. However, instead of flaunting his wealth and arm twisting the influential fields like the other powerful figures, he opted to give away a considerable portion of his wealth to the poor masses and therefore is highly appreciated for his philanthropic activities.

His help to the needy is not confined to certain geographical areas and Cambodia is the perfect example of it. For more information about his business tactics, you can check Carl Freer – Swedish Businessman video on YouTube.


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