Carl Freer – Revolutionary Technologies for Aiding the Humanity

Removal of the perception barrier is a task that only a few can dare of. Humans have always confined the technological limits for the aid of Humanity. But not Carl Freer. Significantly known as the leading forefront of technological advancements, he is the epitome of innovation for humanity. Although Carl Freer – Business Development tactics has been criticized from a lot of influential people yet his intuitive marketing
tactics have always rewarded him.

Venture with Tiger Telematics

Founded in 2002, the company gained significant eyeballs for their handheld gaming console, Gizmondo. The company did sustain itself for a considerable period of time before eventually spiraling towards its closure in 2006. The company did witness a tremendous boost in its marking cap in the initial run.


The biggest technological revolution in the medical field, Aluminaid has done the unimaginable. Its groundbreaking technology has allowed for instant relief from the first and second-degree burns. The technology uses Aluminum as it’s thermal conductivity is vastly superior. The metal bandages of Aluminium extracts heat from the wounds and provide instant cooling of burn tissue which results in relief. The company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Singapore. You can get to know more about Aluminaid through Carl Freer official account on Twitter.


The GetFugu allows the mobile user to search without the need to type. Its technology is based on “See It,” “Say It” and “Find It”. The technology is expected to bloom in a couple of years from now. With massive funds now being received from the big players, GetFugu is accelerating its vision at a faster rate than ever before.


Apart from utilizing his intellectual prowess, he has been providing a significant aid to the poor masses. Most of his foundations are geared towards the betterment of children. A plethora of educational and medical institutes are providing their humanitarian services under the leadership of Carl Freer.

With a career spanning over 30 years, Carl Freer is gearing towards breathtaking technologies which will completely overhaul the healthcare system in the world. Aluminaid has already left its footmark in the burn treatments with more effective treatments to be provided in future.


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